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Nerida Hansen Artist Portal

Information page for Artists.

Nerida Hansen is moving into a very new and exciting phase of Print-On-Demand Fabric Printing.

The website is being updated to bring the best of our artists designs to life on fabrics with unlimited potential for each designer. 

The business will continue to build on the core expertise of quality fabrics and promotion of independent designers, great sewing patterns and a unique cut and sew garment production service. Artist Merchandise including Limited edition prints, graphic prints, decals, cards and wrap is also possible.


Print on Demand Australia - Launching August 2022 Date To Be Announced

19th & 20th  July - Nerida Hansen Aritst Immersion Brisbane and/or Zoom (Recording available)

20th July - Artist Sample Panels and Selvedge Logos To Be Submitted for Testing 

31st July - New Print on Demand Agreements to be Finalised

Artist Immersion 20-22nd July 2022

I will be spending the week 19th-21st of July up in Brisbane for the following:

Monday 18th July - 

AM - Meeting Wtih Mantua (Social Enterprise - Garment Manufacturing)

PM - Testing with Left Bank on some fabric substrates

Tuesday 19th-Wednesday 20th July

Artist Immersion, Either in person or Part Zoom for Artists who cannot be there.

Thursday 21st July 

Artist site visit to print sampling for Australian Print On Demand - Will be filmed for artists who are not able to be there.

Artist Immersion

For all artists who can make it, I welcome you to the artist Immersion on Tuesday the 19th and Wednesday the 20th of July from 9am - 5pm

I wll be having group presentation in person and on zoom on both Tuesday and Wednesday Morning to go through the plan for Nerida Hansen, and we will be working on some fun design projects, so those of you who are not there can still be productive.

The Purpose of the Artist immersion is:

  1. Discuss next steps for Nerida Hansen Creative in person (or via zoom link)
  2. Finalise our sample panels for Thursdays print run on the new fabric printer
  3. Develop individual style guides for 2023-2024
  4. Contribute to the development of the Nerida Hansen Creative Style Guide for 2023-2024
  5. Talk all things Licensing, Art and Professional Development
  6. Enjoy the company of our creative team

If you are free, either to be there in person, or via zoom link please let me know asap so I can make the appropriate physical and virtual arrangements. 


July Agreement Update

Most will be aware that Nerida Hansen Fabrics Pty Ltd is no longer in existance, and therefore all agreements are now annulled.

There is a new Design licensing agreement for Nerida Hansen Fabrics which Mandy will send you in the coming days. I am no longer offering an Agency agreement, but some important terms are outlined in the Agreed Principles of the design licensing agreements that cover agency terms, making it flexible for all artist (See Below)


As an artist showcasing fabrics within the Nerida Hansen brand I only require exclusivity (worldwide) for the designs you submit to be sold as fabric by the meter, and the exclusivity only applies to fabrics and fabric products.

Even though you are not legally obliged to, I would appreciate transparency from all artists when it comes to working with other fabric and clothing companies, especially in Australia. This should be done by way of an email outlining your intention to work with similar Third Parties. It helps me make an informed decision about whether or not it is in my best interests to compete with another third party and provide me with an opportunity to terminate similar designs or discuss options with you.


Agency representation is changing significantly, and is now narrowed to a single clause within the Agreed principles of the Copyright License Agreement.

Whist the formal nature of my role as agent has changed, I will be more committed than ever to all artists who's designs are represented in the Nerida Hansen Creative Group regarding representation, mentoring and support. We will work together, but you are also free to work with whom ever you like. I will take a 30% commission for any sub-licensing to a third party, but this will all be on a case-by-case basis and only upon consent of the artist who will be involved every step of the way.

The approach will be focussed on working as a close-knit creative team. But with more freedom for the artist and more energy and focus for Nerida.

The key to this new way of working will be communication and transparency.

It is an exciting phase, and I am very much looking forward to the years ahead with you.

Getting Ready for Print on Demand

We will be moving to Print on Demand as soon as August 2022

Excitingly, we will also continue overseas printing for International Orders and for promotions such as Artist Fabric packs, gift boxes and planned sales.

An Onboarding Document can be found in the Artist Resource Folder HERE

Sampling for Print on Demand

We need to sample for print on demand and keep approve all samples with the print operators. This makes up an important part of our initial quality process. 

We will be building new systems, but in the beginning this will ensure we have the colour saturation and clarity intended.

You are required to set up your designs on a sample panel which can be found in our resource folder HERE 

Each panel has been designed to also act as a drape sampler for our customers and will look something like this:

Your Designs for Print on Demand

Whilst we can now have a never-ending library of designs, I still want to ensure that we have only very strong designs on our site. We can also continually add more designs.

I will discuss the designs I would like to start out with, so I would like you to prepare a design submission to me to select from. This should be a contact sheet of all the designs you are proposing.
Minimum number of designs = 8
Maximum number of designs = 48 (for the moment)
Please email to me asap so you can prepare your print panels.


Royalties for Fabric Sales will be paid weekly. You will receive a payment and a royalty statement from our accounts team by Wednesday each week.

Our Accounts team will contact all artists for a statement regarding their Bank Account details and Australian Artists will be able to submit their GST Registration details to be sure GST is managed for each individual appropriately.

Marketing Your Collections

We have a very strong marketing team and a rapidly growing audience.

Print-On-Demand is an exciting opportunity because there is no end to what we can sell.

We expect our artists to be very involved in the marketing process. I also need to reduce the costs and pressure of marketing on my own team. And so we will have a new way of working.

All artists will be able to pitch a promotion to our marketing and PR manager Jacqui Taylor. Jacqui will then provide you with a fabric allowance, and you can order fabrics you need to support your marketing pitch. This might be working with other sewers or ambassadors to create gorgeous ideas for our customers. You will also be able to use this allowance to recieve fabrics for yourself.

Artists who do not put forward ideas do not get fabric allowances. 

Artists who put forward ideas and work together with other collaborators not only get fabric allwoances, but they get lots of "air time" throughout our socials. We are really looking forward to this collaborative approach.

Jacqui Taylor will be in touch regularly with updates on marketing plans.

Framed Art Prints, Canvases, Graphic Prints, Decals, Stickers

I am currently considering adding merchandise such as Art Prints & Decor Items including Framed Art Prints, Wall Decals and Graphic Prints.

Later in the year we can also be offering Greeting Cards, Wrapping paper, Christmas Stickers and Labels.

Further information on this will be available soon.

Cut and Sew

We will be promoting our Cut and Sew Service which is growing in popularity.

Customers can select ANY fabric design or substrate, and combine it with ANY of my sewing patterns.

Artists are paid the normal royalty on the amount of fabric selected in each order.

We will also offer Medical Scrubs and Home Decor Items such as Cushion Covers, Napkins, Tea Towels and Table Runners.

Artist FAQs

Please submit any questions you have to me and I will list them here if I feel it would be handy for other aritsts to know.


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