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Future Aesthetics : Trend Forecasting for Beginners

A Webinar Not to be missed!

Fashion Trend forecasting is the practice of predicting the future direction of the colours, prints, patterns and general aesthetics that will be relevant in the seasons to come. 

If you are creating any kind of textile design, illustration or surface pattern design for consumer markets having  Trend Forecasting as a skill in your professional toolkit can be a game-changer.

By mastering trend forecasting skills, you can bring greater value to your current and prospective clients by identifying emerging trends and creating designs that will meet their current and future demands.

It is also very important to understand how to maintain your own unique style whilst incorporating trends into your work, so you can differentiate yourself from your peers, whilst remaining insightful, innovative and relevant to future trends.

Source : Elle on Pinterest (Designer Unknown)

Source :  Elle on Pinterest (Designer Unknown)
Source : Maison Object

Source : Maison Object

A portfolio that offers insights to the future colours, print and pattern trends will ultimately enable designers to command higher pricing and advance more quickly in their careers. Your ability to create successful, on-trend designs can lead to greater client satisfaction, increased sales, and overall business success. 

In summary, being good at trend forecasting can be a game-changer for a designer's career. My Future Aesthetics series of workshops is designed to focus on all the new colours and concepts that designers need to consider as the seasons change. 

 "Trend Forecasting for Beginners" is the first in this series and is suitable for designers of any discipline who want to better understand What Trend Forecasting is, what they need to know, and why they need to know it. 

"Future Aesthetics : Designing for your Future" is a group workshop available as a follow up to this introductory course. Further information on Designing for your Future can be found HERE

Trend Forecasting for Beginners

Topics Covered:

  1. Trend Forecasting Overview - What is Trend Forecasting?

  2. Macro Trends - What they are and why you need to understand them

  3. Micro Trends - What they are and why you need to understand them

  4. Colour Evolution - Understanding the dynamic and evolving nature of trend colours

  5. Trend Relevance - making informed choices about the trends to adapt and the trends to reject

  6. Trend VS Unique - How to incorporate trends and maintain your own unique design essence

  7. Colour and Print - An overview to the prints and patterns trending for 2025

Join me for this special Webinar on the 24th of May which will be running twice across two time zones:

  1. Session 1: 10.00 Australian Eastern Standard Time

  2. Session 2: 7.00 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

Duration: 2 Hours including online Q and A

Cost: $99 USD 

Early Bird Offer

Purchase your ticket by End of Day Friday 12th May in your time zone and I will give you a PDF download of my personal trend research which includes a full assessment of Macro and Micro Trends, The Colour Evolution for 2023-2025 and a reference chart with seasonal colours from the Autumn/Winter Season 2023/2024 all the way through to Spring/ Summer 2025.

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