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I am excited to launch my new series of webinars and workshops for creatives.

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Future Aesthetics Webinar:
Trend Forecasting for Beginners

If you want to add "Trend Forecaster" to your professional toolkit then this is a great webinar for you. Exploring the What, How and Why of Trend Forecasting including insights to the 2025 Season.

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Future Aesthetics : Designing For Your Future

Exploring topics covering innovation, adaptability, industry relevance and trends, "Designing for your Future" is an extension of my Trend Forecasting for Beginners Webinar. This intimate online group workshop focusses on strategies to help you build confidence and flourish as an authentic designer with skin in the fashion game.

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Creative Career Insights

Gaining a flow of well-paid work as a creative in any discipline is a lifelong journey that does not have a one-size-fits-all pathway.

There are many challenges and opportunities presented to designers who need to continually adapt and evolve.

Insights into a creative career journey discusses many of the challenges artists face when finding their niche, and looks at strategies to align your work with your skills, interests, and goals.

In this session also covers the right tools and resources designers require to stay competitive and achieve their career aspirations, with a warts-and-all discussion on the Emotional toolkit artists need to survive and thrive.

This 90 minute presentation is designed for any creatives who want to build a fulfilling and rewarding career. It is available as a replay for anyone who registers but cannot make the times available.

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